What all is covered in a house inspection?

For a buyer’s inspection, we inspect the major items that most buyers want to know about. For a full list, please visit our Buyers Inspections page. Any halfway reputable home inspection company will cover all of these items; it’s a pretty standard list. What sets us apart is our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, inspection report, and passion for our work.

Do you inspect commercial buildings?

Yes, we will inspect any and all commercial properties big and small.

How much do you charge?

For home inspections, our price is based on the size of the home being inspected. For commercial inspections, the price is based on the size and type of building. We usually need to ask a few questions before quoting a price.

How much time does a home inspection take?

On average, between two and four hours. We typically spend another one to three hours typing each report off site.

When are you available and how can I schedule an inspection.

It is always better to call but you can go to our Request Inspection page and send some information about the property to be inspected and the desired date and time.  We are good at responding to our customers via online requests but calling ensures that we schedule your request ASAP.

Are you VA State Certified?

Kenny was the 9th person in the state to get Certified by Virginia DPOR and his License number is 3380-000009

The furnace is really old. Should I hire a furnace guy to look at it?

We typically don’t recommend hiring any other inspections right from the start; isn’t that what you’re hiring us to do? If we find a crack in the heat exchanger of a furnace, we’ll tell you to replace it; we won’t tell you to hire someone else to look at it. If we suspect a crack but we can’t prove it, we’ll recommend a leak seek test by an HVAC contractor, but we’ll be specific about our concern, and we’ll write it out in our report. We’ll also include a photo if we can.

As you read through our inspection report, you’ll see that we don’t leave you with a silly ‘CYA’ list of a dozen recommendations for ‘further evaluation.’ Again, isn’t that what you’re hiring us to do? There are certainly some situations where we might recommend further evaluation of a specific condition, but we don’t make those recommendations lightly. We appreciate the fact that these inspections cost a lot of time and money,so we only make those recommendations when we need to.

Do you offer Air Quality / Mold testing?

Yes, we offer Air Quality and mold testing. It takes one to two days to get the results. A mold test will identify what types of mold were present and the spore count at the exact moment in time that we took the test, and in that exact location. It does NOT say that mold is harmful or if there is a harmful level of mold present. A small percentage of the population has a severe reaction to certain types of mold but most people have no reaction at all. There are no EPA guidelines for the presence and levels of mold.

What if mold is present?

Have it removed. More importantly, fix the conditions that are causing the mold. If you can see mold, you have a moisture problem. A large portion of our home inspections are focused on looking for moisture problems.

 Can I schedule the home inspection via email?

It is possible.  You can email us your property location and requested date and time.  Kennys@stepbystepp.com .  We book several more inspections via telephone, then receive an email asking for a time that is no longer available.  The best way to schedule an inspection is via telephone.

Can I be there for the inspection?

Definitely. We encourage our clients to attend the entire inspection, if possible.  If you can not be there for the inspection, that is ok too.  We will phone consult with you on what we found as long as you need us to.  We will be there for you as long as you own the house.

What time should I meet you?

See above. We’d love to have you there for the entire inspection, if you have the time.

When will I receive the home inspection report?

We’ll post the inspection report on our web site either later the same day or very early the next morning.

Why don’t you provide your inspection reports on-site?

It takes us a long time to type up our reports. We don’t produce generic check-box reports with three ring binders; we actually sit down at the computer and take the time to write out our reports in plain English. We’ll often spend more time writing the report than we do inspecting the house. We provide a lot of detail in our reports, and we try to write them for you the same way we would for a friend or family member. After you read one of our inspection reports, we think you’ll understand why we don’t produce the reports on site.

Can my dad / uncle / brother / boyfriend come to the inspection?

Sure, but he has to let us do most of the talking and explaining.  No chest pumping allowed.

Everything is covered in snow. Can you still inspect the house?

Yes, we can still inspect the house, but there will obviously be a few limitations, the largest being the roof covering. When roof coverings are buried in snow, they can’t be inspected. It’s a lot more work for us to inspect houses when there’s a lot of snow on the ground, but it’s OK. We don’t charge any more for the inspection when we have to trudge through the snow.

Does Kenny really know how to fish pull 40 lb Stripped Rock Fish out of the Chesapeake Bay?

Yes, and he is about to do it again here real soon.

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